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A real history behind

ROTOR resulted from a dream, when in 1994, two friends who were also cycling enthusiasts believed they could achieve something that many others had tried and failed at: to eliminate the dead spots in the pedal stroke. Pablo Carrasco, an aeronautical engineer, and Ignacio Estellés, a lawyer, had a vision that it would be possible to revolutionize cycling technology simply through a new idea.


Their challenge was to develop a more natural way of pedaling, which would consequently eliminate the dead spot and which would make a more efficient use of the force applied to the pedals, thus improving the performance and health of cyclists.


But great ideas don’t succeed on their own. Such a huge challenge needed faith, enthusiasm, selflessness, resilience and especially, team spirit. In short time a crew of dreamers and bike fans adopted the original ROTOR idea to make it possible.

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